In His Eyes

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I wrote a song called 'Don't You Know' for everyone who is walking through life alone or lonely and sometimes that can mean being alone in a crowd. People do not realize that Jesus is walking right beside them and all they have to do is put their hand out and ask Him into their lives. It’s also about a soldier who has been killed in battle and is now walking with Jesus, but his family do not realize this and they are grieving for him. Don’t you know? You do now! 

Broken Man why are you crying

Woman why are you crying

Don’t you know that He’s walking?

Don’t you know that the Lord is walking next to you?

So lift your head up and see Him smiling

His open arms will hold you tight

There us no more shame he will carry your pain

And lead you by his light.

And if you ask Him he will come in

And shine His light upon your face

Bring hope to your life and love won’t find

In any other place.