In His Eyes

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I was working in HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow, Scotland, as an addictions worker, when I overheard two “residents” in conversation. One was new to the resort and was complaining loudly about the food (which actually wasn’t that bad). His roommate said, “Son, when you are truly hungry, everything tastes good.” 

While walking through the town I saw a young man lift a discarded chip packet that someone had thrown away and eat the remains. It really got me thinking that in the United Kingdom we are really not that united. We don’t realise just how well off some of us are, and how we take many things for granted – things that could be taken away in an instant, such as dignity, freedom, health, friends, family, children, job, wealth and life itself.  I once wrote this lyric to a song…

‘It’s not what you do that’s important, it’s what you could do but don’t that’s the cause

So when you’re stuck on a course that would choke any horse remember hunger is still the best sauce.

And when you’re sitting at home with your loved ones, don’t you judge the girl on the street

Or the man with no hope who’s just trying to cope without shoes on his feet’