In His Eyes

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The first lie I was ever told was that “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Lies all lies. This is a song about infidelity, lies and other domestic issues. For all the young people (and not so young) reading this, never judge lovers by good looking covers! The cover always fades before the content. 

Despair can lead to a very dark place, but there is nothing, nothing in this world worth taking your life for: no boyfriend, no girlfriend, no job, no exam result, no bill, no look, no fashion, no whatever. I lost my father and some close friends through suicide and when you look into each case, there was always a way out, an alternative to taking that life. You must speak with someone, anyone you can truly trust. If you can’t speak with your family, parents, partner, loved one, then find someone, anyone, but don’t you dare give up. Pray, speak to Him. He WILL listen and He WILL help you.