In His Eyes

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I co-wrote a song called ‘Your Treasure is Where Your Heart Is’, with a good friend, Alan Campbell. Alan is a very gifted musician and songwriter in his own right and he came up with the wonderful melody which I altered slightly and put the lyrics to it. I was visiting Alan in London and during that visit his children came over. Alan’s strong love for his family and children (and grandchildren) was so evident that it got me thinking about my own children and how precious they are to me. I love my children very much and I tell them as often as I can, even when it embarrasses them (sorry son!) As parents we often spend too much time trying to give our children all the things that we did not have, instead of the things we do have ... our love and our time. Don’t waste another second, tell them how much you love them right now any way you can, but tell them ... and make sure they know it. This is for all parents of children everywhere. 

'Your treasure is where your heart is 

And the heart is always true

No matter where I go my child,

My heart stays there with you'.