In His Eyes

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I often walk down Byres Road in Glasgow’s West End and it really highlights how socially divided my city is. I met a man called Michael who begged on the streets. I know his story and will neither share it nor judge him. I had seen and met many men like him in my job as an addictions counselor and as a volunteer at The Glasgow City Mission (there by the grace of God). 

Michael sits on the pavement in all weathers and in all conditions. Over time we struck up a kind of mutual trust. I would never insult him by saying it was a friendship, because it could never be that. But I always wondered how he saw the world and one day I asked him. 

The thing that struck him most, and hurt him most, was the total lack of love and care people had for each other as they rushed to spend money they could ill afford to spend. He became un-noticed and felt unwanted. He could clearly see the people who, before long, could or would be in the same situation as him. From the pavement looking up he could see the sin rise. 

“Too many people spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.” I have been one of those people at times in my life and I am sure you have too. 

For every man there is in prison, there are others doing the time, mothers, fathers, sisters, lovers with children living on the line. Don’t you know this is our country, you boast about its reputation, But the way you treat each other, it’s an un-united nation. 

It’s a diminishing republic. not for poor or sick or old, or the young who are downtrodden, or those left out in the cold.