Becoming the Leader God Intended Me to Be


Day 5

Don’t discount passion

We live in a gilded age, where we are able, and encouraged, to pursue doing what we love, then retire while we still have a lot of life left in us to enjoy travel and recreation for as long as we can. I jest, but just a little bit.

“My definition of success changed a long time ago,” said leadership guru Peter Drucker. “I love doing consulting work and writing — I regularly lose track of time when I’m doing those things. But finishing well, and how I want to be remembered, those are the things that matter now. Making a difference in a few lives is a worthy goal. Having enabled a few people to do the things they want to do — that’s really what I want to be remembered for.”

As God’s chosen people, we are called to finish well, even after it might appear that the bulk of your career is behind you. 

“I see more and more people who make it to their mid-forties or beyond, and they’ve been very successful,” Drucker said. However, once they reach this stage, they enter one of three groups. “One group will retire; they usually don’t live very long. The second group keeps on doing what they’ve been doing, but they’re losing their enthusiasm, feeling less alive.”

“The third group keeps doing what they’ve been doing, but they’re looking for ways to make a contribution. They feel they’ve been given a lot and they’re looking for a chance to give back. They’re not satisfied with just writing checks; they want to be involved, to help other people in a more positive way.” They’re the ones who, according to Drucker, will finish well.

I’d love for Peter Drucker’s nod of approval of my leadership career — of finishing well. But even more so, I’m striving for Jesus’ stamp of approval of working hard and finishing well, leading an entire life of influence that leaves a legacy pointing to Him. That’s what He modeled to us, and we would do well to follow in the footsteps of this true Leader.