Becoming the Leader God Intended Me to Be

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Our world needs wise, strong, principled, and empathetic leaders more than ever before. We need individual leaders in churches and ministry who prioritize people. We need managers and executives who lead businesses and nonprofit organizations with integrity. We need parents who care for, and train, the next generation of leaders “in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6). 

Management guru Peter Drucker’s innovative insights on leadership and social economies were ahead of his time and speak powerfully into each of these spheres. His breadth of knowledge regarding the evolving workplace has informed many of the world’s most influential and successful leaders in a variety of organizations, from charities to mega corporations. His valuable words have impacted leaders around the world, including the team here at OneHope, and hold power for anyone seeking to deepen their own leadership skills.


Day 1

Growing my personal leadership

Every leader has one thing in common, you’re constantly looking to improve. Not only is this true in the business world, but it applies to all arenas — from financial planners to physicians, painters to paralegals, pet-sitters to parents, and everything in between!

There is timeless wisdom to be gleaned from practical, proven experts like Peter Drucker, but the Bible has a lot to say about leadership, too. 

First, know who you are. 

“Whenever people are on the road to success,” Drucker said, “they tend to think of repositioning as something they do if they’re a failure. But I would say that you ought to reposition when you’re a success, because that’s when you can afford it.”

Jesus talks a lot about knowing who you are and where you’re going.

More than 18 times in the Bible, Jesus says, “I am” and then gives a description. He describes Himself as the door, the bread of life, the way, the truth, the resurrection, and the life. Over and over, He defines Himself. You discover who you are by knowing whose you are.

Jesus knew who He was and also why He was here.

“For I have come down from heaven to do the will of God who sent me, not to do my own will.” John 6:38 (NLT)

As you pray today, profess your identity in Christ and affirm the mission He has given you.