Becoming the Leader God Intended Me to Be

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Day 4

Setting boundaries frees you to do more

Knowing what you value and what you don’t can keep you from making unwise decisions.

Jesus knew what He was about from a very young age — some surmise He was about 12 years old when he got “lost.” His earthly parents went on a desperate search for Him, and when He was “found,” Jesus asked them why they were searching for Him... didn’t they realize He had to be about His Father’s business?

Jesus commissioned His disciples after the resurrection: “As the Father sent me, so I send you.” He was very clear in His mission, and in passing it on to us as well.

In addition to being clear about your mission and vision, you have to be clear about your “no” — and your “yes.” This is a theme that runs throughout the Bible, Matthew 5:7 says, “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.” 

When you’re clear on what you’re about, it will be obvious and easy to say yes to the things that fall within your vision and calling, and you can comfortably say no to the things that aren’t in line with your calling. Getting rid of distractions allows you to focus on the tasks ahead and takes you further faster.