Becoming the Leader God Intended Me to Be

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Day 3

Stay ready

I don’t know about you, but my days are packed full of meetings, phone calls, speaking engagements, conferences, and cohorts. I have quiet time, prayer, meals, and family times scheduled in because those are important to me. 

I’ve learned the importance of blocking chunks of time on my calendar. I may choose to use them for study and skill-building, rest, or just so there is margin for me to say “yes” if an opportunity presents itself. I can’t stress enough how important it is to remain agile and disallow an overabundance of planning to get in the way of opportunity. 

Peter Drucker said, “Too much planning can make you deaf to opportunity. Opportunity knocks, but it knocks only once. You have to be ready for the accident.”

In order to be ready to say “yes,” you have to be flexible, ready to seize the right opportunities when they come. Take a look at your calendar, and pray through where the Lord might be leading you to open up some space for you to say “yes” to some great opportunities He has in store for you!