Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Father in heaven, open my heart and my ears to hear the truth of your Word. Let me apply this truth to my life.


Acts 22. 1-30

By definition, the word “zealous” means to be ardently active, eager, devoted, or diligent. Saul was sold out to the cause of persecuting the believers, but God intervened. “…a bright light from heaven suddenly flashed…” (v 6b). We can be going about our life and in a moment a “suddenly” can happen. Your destiny may be revealed to you. Or you may be the Ananias who God is asking to get out of your comfort zone to take on an assignment.

I find it very interesting that Saul was not put into darkness, but was blinded by the glory of the light. When Saul did what the Lord told him to do, he began the journey of his destiny with the zeal for the right thing God had for him. We must understand, however, that even on that journey, life happens and things are not always easy, just as they were not for Paul. Yet, at all times the Lord was with Paul and, in a similar fashion, he will be with us.


Are you open to God? How would you respond if God suddenly interrupts your life? Take a moment and consider what things you are zealous about? Are they things of which God would approve?


Ask God to give you his eyes so you may see people as he does. Ask for God’s help in being obedient, even in the little things you are called to do.

Father, today I choose to be zealous about the things of your heart. Help me to be obedient to what you are asking me to do, and to speak to those who you put in my path today, because who knows what their destiny is for your kingdom.