Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Father, in the midst of whatever I’m going through today, may your Word challenge and encourage me in a supernatural way, especially in the areas in my life in which I may feel defeated.


Acts 23.1-35

This passage comes on the heels of Paul choosing to follow God’s leading toward Rome, despite the predictions of trials and suffering that he would have to endure to get there. Paul has done nothing morally wrong – he has only preached Christ and Christ’s work in his own life, and yet he stands on trial before his own people who want to have him killed.

At the hands of the Jews in this passage, Paul is ridiculed, shown contempt, and plotted against – all while doing nothing more than trying to be faithful to the God he serves. In the midst of the pandemonium that ensues among the Jewish Sanhedrin that is now divided, even the Roman commander is afraid that Paul will be torn to pieces (v 10).

Can you imagine how violent this dispute was for the commander – a trained Roman officer – that he would fear for Paul’s life? And it’s during this period of uncertainty and struggle, that the Lord reassures Paul by telling him, “Don’t worry! Just as you have told others about me in Jerusalem, you must also tell about me in Rome” (v 11). These are the words that God gives to Paul in the midst of great difficulty, stress, and the unknown – “Don’t worry!”


What’s one area in your life where you currently feel stressed, helpless, and fearful? Imagine the Lord saying to you, “Don’t worry!” How can these words change your outlook or approach? What else might God be trying to say to you through those words?


When you are feeling anxious or afraid about anything today, take the time to say the words, “Don’t worry” as you consider how God might be working in you and through you in that particular situation.

Lord, you control my life. Help me to trust and obey you in every circumstance. Remind me not to worry in even the most hopeless situations, knowing that you reign over all things.