Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Heavenly Father, quicken your Word to my heart today that I might receive the truth you have for me.


Acts 24.1-27

Have you ever seen people who have an encounter with God, but remain unchanged in their sin and unyielded to God? The apostle Paul had been falsely accused of being a troublemaker and a ringleader of a wild sect of the Nazarenes, desecrating the temple, and stirring up riots among the Jews. When Paul was brought before Felix the governor, Paul presented his case with clarity and logic, declaring his innocence while giving public testimony to his faith. When Felix heard Paul’s testimony, although he had an accurate knowledge of the believers, he put off making a decision regarding Paul’s innocence. Instead, he sent for the apostle repeatedly, hoping Paul would offer him a bribe. Felix listened as Paul reasoned about faith in Christ, and the governor even trembled with fear when Paul talked about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come.

In the face of opposition and persecution, Paul remained strong in faith, unwavering in his stand for Christ. Paul allowed God’s love to flow through him as a messenger to Felix. No doubt the governor felt the impact of Paul’s words but he did not yield to the wooing of the Holy Spirit. What mercy was shown to Felix to hear again and again from the man of God, but sadly that mercy was rejected. Although he called for Paul often, Felix never trembled again. His heart had become hardened.


How do you respond when the Holy Spirit quickens his Word to your heart bringing conviction to some area of your life? Do you put off responding to God for another occasion? Remind yourself that it is possible to be touched by the Spirit of God and remain unchanged.


Ask God to give you a heart that is quick to obey the promptings of his Spirit.

Lord, thank you that you love me enough to deal with my heart and the issues that need to be changed. May I ever be sensitive and responsive to you at all times.