Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Father, thank you for your Son who has gifted us with the Holy Spirit. We pray that you will live out your purpose through us.  


Acts 1.1-8

What an awesome task Christ assigned to his disciples when he commissioned them to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of people from all nations.  If such a significant mission was dependent upon the personal capacity of these few followers, then the Great Commission could be appropriately described as “Mission Impossible!” 

Jesus assured his disciples of success by letting them know that he possessed all authority in heaven and earth and promised that he would be with them through the completion of the assignment (Matthew 28.18-20). What a relief! 

The book of Acts is the inspired record of how Christ kept this promise. By sending the Holy Spirit to indwell them, Jesus was not only with them, but his Spirit was also in them (v 8; John 14.15-18).  As we journey through the book of Acts, we will be instructed and encouraged to live as witnesses of Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts teaches us that the Holy Spirit empowers every believer to fulfill the divine purpose given to us by our holy Father as we operate in the authority of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. 


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by something you know God has called you to do? Do you follow through in obedience? What was the ultimate result? 


Choose a specific time that you will commit each day (for the next 29 days) to use this devotional guide in a personal journey through the book of Acts.  Pray that God will help you honor your commitment. Check out the list of Acts 1.8 Assignment projects at and start thinking about which one you would like to complete. 

Father, I want to be used as your witness to express the love of Jesus to a world in desperate need of hope and a sense of purpose.  Please fill me with your Holy Spirit, O God, and give me daily opportunities to advance Christ’s kingdom.

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