Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




My Father, I come to you today in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, understanding that the written Word you have given me will guide me as I walk in faith with fellow believers.


Acts 21.1-40

Paul experienced love demonstrated by affection, care, and never-ending support from the Body of Christ as he made his way to Jerusalem. We see genuine hospitality expressed toward Paul by the believers. Paul records it this way: “But when the week was over, we started on our way again. All the men, together with their wives and children, walked with us from the town to the seashore. We knelt on the beach and prayed. Then after saying good-bye to each other, we got into the ship, and they went back home” (vv 5, 6).

The Christian life was never meant to be a solitary or lonely life. We each have a mission to fulfill; but, like Paul, we are surrounded by others who love us and speak into our lives. Paul was never alone on his entire trip. Hospitality extended beyond food and a bed at the house of Phillip where Paul received a prophecy of coming events. None of the believers wanted Paul to experience these prophesied hardships (even death). However, when Paul declared that God’s will was being done, they submitted to him and to God’s purpose. In spite of their fears for Paul’s safety, the believers accompanied him to Jerusalem. Even in the midst of conflictive situations, the “faith walkers” were able to come together for a greater purpose. In this case, Paul was given the opportunity to testify to a wider audience than any of them would have ever imagined.


Are you connected to the Body of Christ where you give and receive affectionate support? Do you allow others in the Body of Christ to speak into your life? Do you find it hard to be mutually submissive?


Take time to list the names of fellow “faith walkers” around you. After you have listed them, offer a prayer of thanksgiving for each of them. Plan to call each one of them and thank them personally. Better yet, call one right now.

Father, thank you for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are part of my “fellowship of faith walkers.” Thank you for their willingness to speak into my life and spur me on to good works, and walk with me through difficult circumstances.