Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Father, deposit this Word in my spirit; let me act upon it and allow it to change me.


Acts 18.1-28

We live in a fast-paced environment where there is so much movement everywhere we go, especially in the cities in which we live. There is rarely a dull moment. Our cities are run by the drive to earn money, power, and prestige. As God’s people, he has chosen us and given us opportunity to believe, share, and display the message of Christ in our cities.

Paul’s heart was for God’s message to be told to the Jews and to the Gentiles. His desire was to share the message of Jesus with the people of Corinth. Because that was his goal, Paul didn't allow anything to hold him back, even when he was rejected. I can only imagine how Paul must have felt; abandoned by the people to whom he had devoted himself. However, the Lord encouraged Paul in a vision by reminding him that God was with him and he would experience no harm. It was all Paul needed to refresh his mission in Corinth (vv 9, 10). The people there needed to hear the good news and because of Paul’s willingness to listen to the Lord, many accepted Christ.

This message of hope was so important to Jesus that it became the calling on Paul’s life. Let us not be afraid to reach out to our city or doubt the outcome of our efforts. Let us believe the words of Jesus—that he is with us and that he is in total control. Let’s be thankful for the city, town, and country we live in and not be afraid to share God’s Word that has the power to change the hearts of all people.


How do you typically respond to the fast-paced life in the city in which you live? Do you act like the crowd does or do you take the time to stop and allow God to remind you that he is with you, and your city, even in the hard times? Do you become discouraged when you are rejected for sharing God’s message or are you steadfast in your resolve to share Jesus with others?


Ask God to direct you to issues in your city that may offer opportunities to evangelize. Spend time praying and fasting about this. Find time to share the message of Christ with those that God has placed around you in your neighborhood and at work.

Lord, thank you for your Word and for your constant reminder that you are with us always. Make us “doers” of your Word and not spectators, so we may reach our cities the way the apostle Paul was able to. Give us a persistent, compassionate heart.