Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Open my eyes and heart, Lord, to your Word and your possibilities.


Acts 13.1-52

Has God ever surprised you while you are worshiping him? It is amazing what can take place when we are worshiping God. It was certainly so for Paul and Barnabas as the Holy Spirit invaded their worship by declaring that they should be set apart for the work to which he was calling them. Their colleagues responded by fasting, praying, placing their hands on them, and sending them off.

As they traveled significant distances by land and sea, they gave themselves to the calling of ministering to the Jews who lived in the various cities where they were led by the Spirit to visit. Then came the major surprise. It was not on their agenda or in their plans. The Holy Spirit interrupted them with a new plan and a new major focus. They were now called to share the Word of God primarily with the Gentiles. The prophecy of Isaiah 49.6 was being fulfilled: “I have placed you here as a light for the Gentiles. You are to take the saving power of God to people everywhere on earth” (v 47).

As a result, the Word of the Lord spread through the whole region (v 49). And now the Word of God is available to all people of all nations as it continues to spread!


How has the Word of the Lord spread to you and your city? To your family and loved ones? To the various ethnic groups of your city and community? How is the Lord using you to help spread his Word? How are you making yourself available to God?


Ask the Lord to give you the courage to spread his Word to others. Begin to seek out new or creative ways to do this.

Help me, dear Lord, to see the possibilities around me to share you and your Word. Many people are coming to my city from all over the world. Help me to pray for my neighbors, to love them, and share your Word with them.