Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




God, please meet me today as I turn my focus towards you. Speak to me as I fix my heart on your holy Word.


Acts 12.1-25

As believers, we will face attack. The earliest disciples faced epic onslaughts from all sides. King Herod Agrippa sought to annihilate Christianity and led a massive assault against the Lord’s followers. It pleased the Jews to see James martyred and Peter on trial for violating Jewish customs. Suffice it to say that the earliest disciples were being picked apart and their future looked quite bleak.

When we are under attack, it often looks hopeless in the natural and it can feel very isolating. Peter and the Lord’s followers faced dire circumstances, but God showed them that he was still in the battle with them. As Christians, we must never forget that we operate under magnificent spiritual dynamics that can turn any defeat into an encouraging situation. One of our most effective weapons is prayer. Just as God sent an angel to liberate Peter from jail, the army of the Lord will deliver you, too, when you continue to operate in righteousness. We serve the almighty, all-powerful, all-wise God. Whatever you are faced with cannot trump him!

Although you may not fully understand all that is happening around you, rest assured that all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord (Romans 8.28). Be reminded today that you are not in the battle alone. Listen to the words of Jesus: “I will be with you always, even until the end of the world” (Matthew 28.20b).


Do you believe that Jesus leaves you when you’re under attack? Do you know that we have a Good Shepherd who does not leave his sheep to the wolves, no matter how big the pack seems?


Always pray and walk humbly into the battle with the truth as your defense. Keep reminding yourself that God has no intentions of abandoning us when we are under attack.

Father, we know through your Word that no situation is too hard for you to handle. Lord, remind me of that truth when fear attempts to seize me and my circumstance seem overwhelming. Help me to walk in your love and give me the courage I need to finish the day well.