Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Loving Father, cause my heart to yearn for your truth and strength as I open your Word. Send me your Holy Spirit so I may walk worthy of the gospel of Christ Jesus.


Acts 14.1-28

Have you ever been atop a mountain? Looked out at the vastness of the ocean or the immense amount of sand on the shore? Tried counting the stars at night? Creation is always meant to direct you to the true object of love, adoration, and worship, who is the all-loving, all-powerful God.

Why does God bless humans with food, shelter, and the beauty of earth and the universe? Paul and Barnabas encountered a tumultuous mob who wanted to worship the creation rather than the Creator. The apostles rightly directed the mob’s attention to the all-knowing, all-wise Creator of the universe, giving God due honor and glory.

God gives us food, shelter, beauty, and yet we worship the creation rather than the Creator and provider of those blessings. It is idolatry when we worship creation, for we are settling for less than God’s great plan for us. We need to direct our affection and adoration to the Creator who redeemed us for himself for all eternity. As we strive to do this, God gives us grace and strength for this difficult task!

How does one truly worship God? The healing of the crippled man demonstrates the concept of true worship. God used this weakened man (his creation) to bring glory and worship to himself. In this process, the Lord graciously chose Paul and Barnabas to exemplify God’s might and power. God wants your life to exalt him because he has done great things for you by rescuing and redeeming you. The apostle Paul understood this, he wrote, “God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God” (1 Corinthians 6.20).


Are you worshiping something or someone other than God, your Creator? It may not be an idol or a Greek god like it was in this chapter of Acts, but is it a relationship? A secret sin? An addiction? Gossip or hatred?


Allow God’s Spirit to help you redirect your heart’s affection to Jesus who died on a cross for your eternal salvation. Ask God to refocus your mind so you can truly worship and praise the Lord.

Christ, you know I sometimes miss the mark and worship things you have created. I ask you now to change my heart’s passion so I may worship and adore you, my Creator.