Now Is The Time: Acts Adult Journey




Holy Spirit, attune the ears of my inner man to more clearly discern your whisperings, and more courageously obey you without questioning.


Acts 10.1-48

This narrative illustrates a sovereign Holy Spirit stirring up, then responding to the personal prayers of a sincere seeker, and a saint, in separate venues, and imparting to each the grace to obey. This is our holy God’s supernatural style at its best! It is proof positive that he values the prayers of each person. Cornelius was fervent in his seeking. An angel drops in and announces, “Now send some men to Joppa for a man named Simon Peter” (v 5). Peter, intent on a quiet moment of rooftop prayer, was hungry, and, as it turns out, sleepy. A vision, a voice rouses him: “Three men are here looking for you. Hurry down and go with them. Don’t worry, I sent them” (vv 19b, 20).

When we’re earnestly connecting to God and his purposes, he “connects our dots” and opens doors for the gospel. The result? Open door, open hearts. Peter announces the good news, and while he was still speaking “…the Holy Spirit took control of everyone who was listening” (v 44).

Note that it took the Lord three attempts to get through Peter’s grid. We’re all human, hard of hearing, and in need of multiple “pokes.” So, in your prayer journey, follow the example of this seeker and saint; lean into your relationship with Yahweh Shammah (“he who manifests his presence in a place”), and listen more attentively. Then resolve to follow the flow of the Holy Spirit, being open to share God’s marvelous story, and watch him do what only he can do.


Read Acts 10 again. Take a moment to ponder what could happen if you were increasingly attentive to the ways and whisperings of God’s Spirit, and obeyed his promptings. Think about the Corneliuses in your world. Ask the Lord to show you which ones are seeking, and when and how God might lead you to share the gospel message.


In faith, ask the Lord to give you a “rooftop revelation” that leads and empowers you to bring the gospel to a specific person in your world. Then watch, with anticipation.

Lord, stir in me today a deeper hunger for supernatural power in my witness. I’m open to your stirrings and divine appointments. Give me the joy of partnering with you to lead souls into your kingdom.