Moments With God For Moms



When we think of idols, we think of the Old Testament gold/silver or wooden objects that people would have in their homes or in their towns. People would pray to these gods for wealth, prosperity, health, security, love, protection—you name it, and they would pray for it. In our modern day times, we don’t have these types of idols. So, many of us skip over the very first commandment ever given by God. But, even though we don’t have idols of days gone by, idols are still very much alive and well in our culture. 

In today's world, our idols consist of materialism, health, our looks, being loved, job security, and sometimes even our children. An idol is ANYTHING that you place ahead of your Heavenly Father. With this definition, it is easy to see how we have many idols in our life today—they are just not carved figures that sit in our homes. No, they are much more discreet and much harder to recognize. We have the idol of keeping up with everyone on Facebook or Instagram. We have the idol of climbing up the corporate ladder to secure the best job to provide for our families and fuel our egos. We struggle with idols of wanting the “perfect marriage” and when we don’t feel like our marriage is what it should be we throw in the towel and give up, seeking a new relationship. We also have the idol of our children. We will not be satisfied until we believe that we have given our children every opportunity to experience the ‘best” life possible regardless of the cost. We place our children above everyone, including our husbands and even God. Think about it, idols are very much alive and well. Make no mistake, God is a jealous God and He will not tolerate other gods in your life. Maybe today is a great day to start assessing who is number one in your life. 


Father, forgive me. I do have idols in my life and I didn’t even realize it. God, open my eyes and show me the idols that I have allowed to creep into my life and take over. Give me the strength I need to tear down my idols. I want you to be number one in my life. God, I know that my job, marriage, children are not bad things, but teach me how to keep them in their place and not to make more of them than You.