Moments With God For Moms


Dearly Loved

Moms pour out love all day long. From the moment our feet hit the floor we are serving and loving our families, feeding them, clothing them, cleaning for them…serving from sun up till sun down. Even during the night we wake up to care for sick children or we wait up till wee hours in the morning waiting for our teenagers to arrive home safely. 

As we constantly pour out our love, it is easy for us to start feeling empty inside and get to the point where we have nothing else to give. Take heart! God loves us and He has drawn us with loving-kindness. He will fill us up, He will take care of us, He clothes us in His love, He wraps His arms around us when we are heart broken. He will heal our weary souls and fill us up so we can start anew tomorrow. You need to know: you are dearly loved by your heavenly father, you are His child and He wants to take care of you the way you take care of your own children. Allow God to love on you—allow Him help you when you are in need. God wants to be there for you. His love is everlasting; it never fails nor falters—embrace it!


Father, thank You for Your love for me. I need You and I need Your love. I do not deserve such unconditional love, but I am grateful for it. I thank You that You know and understand I get tired and weary as a mom yet you don’t judge me, but pour out love on me. Thank You! Fill me up today, so I may in turn pour out Your love onto my family.