Moments With God For Moms


Everyday Life  

We all want to be good moms. Solomon was known to be the wisest man, and he tells us in this verse that if you want your plans to succeed, you need to commit them to the Lord. This week, as you go about your daily activities—whether it’s driving the carpool, changing diapers, working a 40-hour week, or squeezing in baseball tournaments all weekend—commit those plans to the Lord. If God is at the top of your list, your plans will succeed.

Invite God into your schedule and your daily routine. Tell God your struggles, your anxious thoughts or your concerns about your children. God cares, he wants to hear and be involved in every aspect of your life. 


God, as I aim to be a great mom, I commit this desire to you today. I pray you will bless my efforts and go before me in all I do. I pray I will always keep in mind that my success is not attached to my children’s actions but how I respond to them and love them. Thank you, Father, for my children and the blessings they bring to our family. Amen.