Moments With God For Moms


A Mom’s Prayer

As a mom, I need help. The job is too overwhelming and too great to accomplish, alone. I acknowledge that I cannot be a good mom by myself—I need help. Who better, to look for help than God? My prayer as a mom should be, “Show me Your way, O Lord, teach me Your path.” I need to pray that God will show me His path because my tendency is to walk the path that I want or the path that I think is best. But, by submitting to God’s way, I am immediately guaranteed that His way is better than mine. 

“Guide me in your truth”: I can believe all kinds of lies that Satan places in my mind, lies like “I don’t measure up as a mom", “My children give me my sense of worth", “My husband should complete me”, “I must be in control of my child” etc. But, with every lie that Satan gives, God has truth to combat the lie, so I can renew my mind with His truth. 

I don’t measure up — 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 5:6

Children give me my worth — Ecclesiastes 2: 25,26

Husband must complete me — John 1:12-13

I must be in contro — l2 Corinthians 12:9

"My hope is in You all day long": My hope needs to be in God, not myself. I will fail at times as a mom because I am human. But, God does not fail. God is my hope, my refuge. In Him, I will find success. 


Father, thank you God that You will teach me and Your truth will set me free from the bondage of lies. God, thank you that my hope is in You, that You are trustworthy and faithful. I pray that I will seek You with all my heart.