Moments With God For Moms


Life of Prayer

Our children are a gift from God—no one would argue that point. All moms would agree that they would do anything for their children. However, one thing that we often forget to do is to pray for them on a daily basis. Our children are under attack in so many ways in today’s society, whether through the influences of social media, internet or the destruction of the family—our children face a cruel, scary world at times. The best gift we can give our children is to bathe them in prayer. 

Everyday we, as moms, should be lifting our children up in prayer to their Heavenly Father. We need to be thanking God for the blessings that they bring to our life as well as asking God to protect them and guide them. God knows what their future holds, therefore, we should be asking Him to prepare our hearts and our children for the future—good or bad. Pray for your children’s friendships, for their time at school, and pray for their future spouse. Don’t ever underestimate prayer and it’s power. 


Father, I commit my life to You and I want to dedicate my life to earnestly pray for my children. God, please protect them as they go about their day and keep them safe from harm—whether physical harm or mental harm. I know that in this world there will be trouble and I know my child will experience pain, but Lord, I count on You to work all things together for good in my child’s life. Only You can take the pain of this world and make it good. Thank You for loving me and loving my child in such a tremendous way. Pursue my child to the ends of the earth! Thank You for never giving up on any of us.