Talking With God

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Listening to God’s Word

God can and does speak to us through people and circumstances. If we keep our eyes and ears open, we can hear Him often through these various sources. However, you have already discovered the number one secret to hearing from God: His written Word! His Word, the Bible, is an amazing gift. First, it is completely reliable. We know that anything we read in God’s Word is a direct word from Him – and a truth we can trust. Second, God’s Word is available for us to listen to Him anytime and anywhere. Bobby Gruenewald, developer of the Bible App, explains more.

Listen to Bobby

So keep it up! God has much to say to you. His words will practically speak into your life and help you navigate each and every day. When you are not sure what to believe, His Word will give you clarity. And God’s response to many of your prayers have already been lovingly expressed in His Word. As you pray to God, thank Him for the words He prepared long ago for you in the Bible. And feel the freedom to seek out His words anytime and anywhere.

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