Talking With God

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Listening in Prayer

As we’ve seen, prayer is a conversation. As in any conversation, you cannot hear the other person if you are talking or if you are distracted. We live in a world of noise. Listening to God requires a choice to shut out the chaos around you and focus your thoughts on Him. If you want to hear Him speak, you must be quiet and you must focus on what He is saying. Singer Jordan Ward tells us how he quiets himself to hear God speak.

Listen to Jordan

Is it possible to hear from God? The answer is yes. Jesus illustrates this with a beautiful word picture. In John 10, He describes the way in which sheep hear their master's voice. In the same way we can hear God. The Bible is one of the main tools through which He speaks. Regular conversation with God can transform your life! Though it is not necessary, some find it helpful to identify a place and time to meet with God every day.