Talking With God

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Relational Prayers

Prayer is often misconceived. We build it up into something that must be formal and reverent to be accepted by our Lord. After all, He is God. You may even consider it awkward to pray - stuck on things we "should" do, such as having to pray on our knees or having the right words. Reflect for a moment on the relationships you have with your close friends or family. God has adopted us as His children and desires that we communicate with Him, similar to how a child would with a parent. Kristin King discovered this refreshing new approach to prayer.

Listen to Kristin

Prayer is not about technique; it's about relationship. We can talk to God anytime as our Abba Father (“Abba” means “father” in Greek). Free yourself from the prayer "shoulds." Instead, embrace a comfortable, constant conversation connection with your loving Father God. The more you try out this new approach to prayer, the more natural it becomes. And this deepening relationship with God will bring joy to both you and God in the process.