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Talking With God

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Conversational Prayer

Stated most simply, prayer is having a conversation with God. It is more than something to do at church or before a meal. And our prayers should be about more than things we need or problems we face. Prayer is best thought of as a dialog of talking and listening. On the eve of his "I Have a Dream" speech, Martin Luther King Jr. told his staff he was going to talk to the Lord about what to say. That is a great perspective. Judah Smith shares this view and describes some great conversations that he has had with God.

Listen to Judah

Talking to God honestly and holding nothing back can be very freeing. There are times when a quiet reverence is appropriate. But at other times, the best thing is to talk with and listen to God in the same way you would confide in a friend. As you read the Psalms, you will see the passion of the writer’s heart in full display. You too can be this open and honest with God.

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Talking With God

Good conversations involve both talking and listening. The same is true as we pray. Too often we focus on the how, when, and where of prayer. But better questions are: “How honest are our prayers?” and “How well do we li...


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