Know, Grow, Go, Show - Discipleship Plan

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Growing in Relationship

Like trees, our relationship with Christ needs a lot of help to grow! 

This growth process is impossible to complete alone. Christ understood we, His followers, would need help if we were to succeed in this world without Him, so He made provision for us before returning to His Father.

Christ provides us a helper that we can receive after accepting Him as Savior. This helper is the Holy Spirit, and He dwells within us to aid in our daily relationship with Christ. He is our conscience and our comfort. He is the source of supernatural power that we need to thrive in our growth. 

In addition to the Holy Spirit, Christ has also given us a family of believers in the local church that we can rely on and grow with daily. Just like trees in a forest provide shelter for seedlings, the church will provide shelter and knowledge for us.

Christ also gave us some key areas where He wants us to grow:  worship, prayer, understanding, and community. Each one of these produces unique fruit to strengthen our overall relationship with Christ and His church. If we lack in these areas, we will find it hard to follow after Christ in a true relationship and will often find our walk with Christ lacking purpose and impact. 

Prayer Starter:
Ask the Lord to open your heart, mind, and eyes to the areas you need the most growth. Ask the Holy Spirit to begin to provide you strength and supernatural power in your daily walk to continue to grow in your relationship with Christ.