Know, Grow, Go, Show - Discipleship Plan

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Disciples Making Disciples

We are growing and serving, so what more can possibly exist? Actually, a whole lot! Leading is something that we all hopefully desire in our lives, and it is definitely something that Christ desires for us. 

Christ led 12 disciples that we read about in the gospels. If these 12 men had only grown in their personal relationships and never led anyone else, the church that we know might cease to exist. These 12 became disciples who made disciples. We have the same charge today -- to become more than followers as leaders in the body of Christ.

In Matthew 28:19, Christ calls us to go into the world and make disciples. He calls us to use what we have learned in our relationship and make disciples who are also knowing, growing, going, and showing. By leading, we are making disciples and not just converts. 

When we make disciples, we are completing the task that Christ has set before us! This is when we are fulfilling Christ’s purpose for us in this world.

Prayer starter:
Ask Christ to identify ways and areas in which you can begin to lead. Ask Him who in your life He wants you to pour more of yourself into.

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