Know, Grow, Go, Show - Discipleship Plan

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Going and Spreading

Growing strong is awesome, but what good is being strong while lacking purpose? 

Christ left us a very real purpose in His last conversation on earth.  In Acts 1:8, He directs us to go out and spread the seed that has been planted in our lives. We are charged to plant seed in Jerusalem (our homes), in Judea (our schools and workplaces), in Samaria (places we do not want to go), and the ends of the earth (places we can only dream of going).

This may seem like a daunting task, but the Holy Spirit will empower us with knowledge, words, boldness, and abilities that we never thought we possessed. The more we grow in our relationship the more the Holy Spirit will open us up to the fullness that Christ desires in us. Christ and His Spirit know exactly what we need and when we need it. We just need to accept the task we’re given.

It says in Matthew 9:37 that the “harvest is plentiful.”  We are called to go into the world we live in and participate in reaping the harvest. Although not easy or fun, this service for Christ will always produce fruit in our lives and relationship.

“Going into the world” looks different for every one of us. It may be telling a friend about Jesus and how He changed us, inviting a friend to our local service, or praying with someone over a need.  No matter the task, Christ uses it to produce growth and joy in our lives!

Prayer starter:
Ask God what field He wants you to sow and harvest in today. Ask Christ to show you the world as He sees it and that this vision will change your heart to be “going” focused.