Worthy of the Pursuit

Worthy of the Pursuit

DAY 7 OF 7

One of the most powerful privileges we have is pursuing God. Prayer and fasting is one of primary ways we show God He is worthy of the pursuit.

As followers of Christ, we have direct access to the Lord. We can come before the throne of grace with boldness and confidence anytime we need to. We should also do this on behalf of others.

Paul encouraged Timothy to pray to the Lord on behalf of others.

One of the greatest things we can do for a someone else is pray for them. When we go before the Lord on behalf of someone else’s need, we are loving our neighbor as ourself.

Paul also encouraged Timothy to pray for “kings and all who are in authority.”

Pursue God for your national leaders as well. Pray and fast for our nation that God might bring forth a revival we so urgently need.

Pursue God on behalf of others. Jesus is worthy of the pursuit.

Pray today:

Write in your journal or notes ways that you will be praying as you fast and pray. May this mark a new season in your prayer life and pursuit of God.

For more information about how you can fast and pray in the Roaring Twenties, go to: https://thinke.org/roaring-twenties-fast

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Worthy of the Pursuit

As we are currently living in days of uncertainty, God, through His Holy Spirit continues to impress upon His Church to seek Him. We do this through both prayer and fasting. This seven-day devotional was written to assi...

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