Worthy of the Pursuit

Worthy of the Pursuit

DAY 3 OF 7

There is a huge difference between those who know about God, and those who truly know God in a personal and intimate way.

To “know” means to recognize, to acknowledge, and to confess.

When we recognize our sins separate us from God, when we acknowledge we are in need of His forgiveness, and when we confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, we will come to know God in a real way.

When you do this, you will begin to truly know God because He will now live and move in your life.

There are so many benefits to knowing God in an intimate way. God promises to never abandon those who seek Him.

Pursuing God through prayer and fasting for the purpose of knowing Him more will change every aspect of your life. Your times of prayer and fasting will allow you to become intimately aquatinted with God.

Pray today:

Pray that you will gain a knowledge of God through His word.

Pray that you would develop a desire to be intimately acquainted with God as you pray.

Pray that God will allow you to trust in Him no matter the circumstances in your life.


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Worthy of the Pursuit

As we are currently living in days of uncertainty, God, through His Holy Spirit continues to impress upon His Church to seek Him. We do this through both prayer and fasting. This seven-day devotional was written to assi...

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