Worthy of the Pursuit

Worthy of the Pursuit

DAY 4 OF 7

God will never play a game of hide and seek with those who truly seek Him. When we pursue God, we will find Him.

When we pursue God diligently, it is evidence of our genuine love for Him.

Loving God is more than merely saying it with our words. Many people say they love God, however, their lives may not reflect the evidence of that love. True and genuine love for God is seen by our desire to please Him, obey Him, and pursue Him.

Pursuing God through prayer and fasting is life changing and allows us to powerfully connect with God.

Maybe you have some areas of your life that you need a personal touch from the Lord. Commit yourself to seeking God even in difficult seasons, and you will find Him. If you need to see God at work in your life and situation, commit to diligently seeking Him through praying and fasting.

Pray today:

Pray God will give you deeper love for Him.

Pray and commit yourself to diligently seek God.

Pray that you find God's powerful work in the midst of difficulties in your life.


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Worthy of the Pursuit

As we are currently living in days of uncertainty, God, through His Holy Spirit continues to impress upon His Church to seek Him. We do this through both prayer and fasting. This seven-day devotional was written to assi...

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