Worthy of the Pursuit

Worthy of the Pursuit

DAY 5 OF 7

Do you ever find it difficult to rest or sleep well because you have so much on your mind? Do you ever get weighed down by concerns you have no control over?

One of the worst feelings is going to bed and getting no sleep and waking up and not feeling truly rested. This is not what the Lord has in mind for us.

The Bible says God gives sleep to those He loves. He wants us to lie down and to give us peace.

When you pursue God throughout your day, and you will consistently sense His presence. In God’s presence, peace and safety are present.

This evening before you lie down for bed, follow these three steps to prepare you for a peaceful sleep.

First, turn off all electronics or things that will stimulate your mind.

Second, meditate on God’s Word.

Third, turn on soft worship music, and focus on the Lord as you drift to sleep.

We can find greater peace and rest when we pursue God in greater ways through prayer and fasting.

Pray today:

Pray for the peace of the Holy Spirit over your life.

Pray that the Lord will give you rest.

Pray that the Lord gives you a calm as you pursue Him in prayer.


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Worthy of the Pursuit

As we are currently living in days of uncertainty, God, through His Holy Spirit continues to impress upon His Church to seek Him. We do this through both prayer and fasting. This seven-day devotional was written to assi...

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