Worthy of the Pursuit

Worthy of the Pursuit

DAY 2 OF 7

David had a way with words. David’s words revealed his genuine love for the Lord. When someone has a heart for God, their pursuit of God will be powerful. Nothing can stand in the way of someone whose passion is to pursue God.

We catch a glimpse into David’s pursuit of God in Psalm 63:1. It states that he would seek God earnestly.

To seek God with an earnest heart is to have a longing to be with Him. Our walk in God will only go as far as our commitment to seek God in prayer and fasting.

David wrote that his soul thirsts for God and his flesh yearns for God. Do you feel your soul yearning for God as well? If we do not fill our yearning for the Lord, we will attempt to satisfy our famished spirit with things that will leave us dry and parched.

When we fast and pray, we will find our soul thirsting and yearning for God in a new way, and He will fill us in a new way.

Let your pursuit of God in prayer and fasting be one that thirsts, yearns, and seeks Him with all of your heart!

Pray today:

Pray for a life that earnestly seeks God.

Pray for your soul to yearn for the things of God.

Pray for your flesh to not distract you from your Creator.


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Worthy of the Pursuit

As we are currently living in days of uncertainty, God, through His Holy Spirit continues to impress upon His Church to seek Him. We do this through both prayer and fasting. This seven-day devotional was written to assi...

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