HPN Personal Prayer Devotional

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God Hears Everything

“Prayer does not prepare us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” Oswald Chambers

PRAY: Oh heavenly Father, would you please give me confidence that You are hearing every word I pray and help me to understand and truly know that You are listening and answering everything I tell You! Thank You that when I pray I know that I have what I asked of You. I need Your help to trust that Your answers are coming that You know what is best for me.  Thank you Father.

REFLECT: Reflect on what you talk to God about and realize that He is actually hearing and responding to everything you say. Would that change what you say, how you say it, or how often you talk to Him? It's profound how He allows us to have conversations with Him - the Creator of the universe, and He tells us He is responding to the desires of our hearts. That's awesome.

ACT: Would you make a list of the bold, seemingly impossible and even outrageous prayers you would like to pray for other people and then pray those prayers? If you keep a journal of your prayers, you can see how the Lord has responded to you. He is listening and wants to answer all of the prayers that you have talked to Him about. Pray BIG, don't limit God, and keep track of those prayers. For He WILL answer!