HPN Personal Prayer Devotional

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The Importance of Prayer

"What do you really care about?" God (Morgan Freeman) telling Bruce (Jim Carrey) how to pray in "Bruce Almighty" Bruce Almighty

PRAY: Jesus, would You please give me a heart and life of humility. Would you give me a hunger to seek Your face and to turn from all the sins I’m struggling with now. Thank You so much for listening to me and hearing my prayers and forgiving my sins. And I praise You for not only healing me, but for healing my family, my neighborhood, my workplace, my city, my region, and my land – my country!  True humility and heartfelt prayer can only come from You, oh God.  I pray this in Your might name.

REFLECT: Have you thought that when you pray, you are not only impacting your own life, but you are potentially changing your world - or "healing your land"? Have you thought about the far reaching power of your prayers? If you truly understood that your prayers could heal your family, your city, your country, how would you pray differently? Imagine how your prayers for Hollywood can change our world - both in the content that's produced and in the lives of the people creating it.

ACT: Including your physical body in prayer is a common practice in many cultures around the globe. More and more people are raising their hands, kneeling, and even laying prostrate. What can you do physically to humble yourself and to seek His face in prayer? Take a chance, with no one around, to seek God in a new way.