HPN Personal Prayer Devotional

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Seek God in Prayer

“Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things.” Samuel M. Shoemaker


PRAY: Lord, I seek You through my prayers by asking You not for stuff but for more of You. I’m knocking on the door of Your heart and asking You to let me see people the way You see them, to hear them the way You hear them, to love them the way You love them, and to show You how much You love me. And I trust that as I keep knocking, You will open the door of my heart so that I can experience you more richly, deeply and lovingly.  Thank You for listening, for loving me and for wanting me to experience You more intimately. Selah!

REFLECT: Reflect on how many times you've asked for something and felt like God wasn't listening, or you didn't get what you asked for. Think about what you asked for. Could it be that getting it wouldn't be best for you? Do you have to wait longer? What does it mean to knock on the door of God’s heart?  Can you continue to turn to Him without giving up, getting discouraged and getting frustrated or angry with Him?  Do you believe that He is listening and answering?

ACT: As an exercise in prayer, ASK God for something you believe would be His will for you, then SEEK Him to learn more about Him, keep KNOCKING until you feel you're really in conversation with Him, and then FIND Him by pursuing Him until you feel a door has been opened. God loves our perseverance.