The Magic Of Christmas

"A Magical, Starry Night"

How many long, exhausting days had the shepherds spent feeding, protecting, and caring for their flocks? How many nights had they spent looking into the starry sky? I wonder what they thought about and if they prayed much on the hillside.

On an ordinary night, as the shepherds were just doing their jobs, heaven exploded into the sky and invaded the hillside, their hillside, to give them a special message. Unbelievable! The Savior that was promised had come to them. They were told where to find the baby! They were told where to find their Messiah.

They were going to see God. They had been invited to see God.

If the newborn Savior had been born in a palace, the shepherds would not have been at the top of the guest list. They were, however, perfectly dressed for a stable and would feel totally comfortable going there for a visit.

I wonder if part of the message to the shepherds is a message to us. In the middle of our ordinary lives, our God wants to meet us and reveal who he is. He is an intimate, loving God who chose to come to us as a helpless baby in a smelly barn.

Jesus is a gift of love, mercy, and grace. He has the power to save us.

What a God!

Lori Keim