The Magic Of Christmas

"I Am Who I Am"

Though we most often read and say, “The Lord” (from our English Bibles), the original Hebrew translation, Yahweh, literally means “I am.” It’s simple and grand at the same time. It establishes existence but also active presence. One of the first times God describes himself in this way is to Moses after he fled to Egypt. Moses is tending someone else’s flock, uncertain of his future and his ability to ever change his situation. This is a man just like you and me who encountered a personal God who is the one, true “I am.”

For many, the holiday season is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate life. On the flip side, it can also be a time when we are reminded of our loved ones that are no longer here to celebrate with us. Several years ago, I lost my father after a long and painful battle with cancer. At times, I still struggle with my family’s loss and the thought that my dad never had peace once he found out he was terminally ill. Not having answers to questions of why and how laced him with fear and bitterness. Now, I have my own set of why and how questions, but I’ve learned to rest in knowing that Yahweh understands, even when I don’t.

He is concerned for us, hears our cries, and has a plan that far outshines our best attempts. Through doubts, heartbreak, and fears, God still says, “I am who I am.” He is the comfort you need. He is the guide for which you long. He is the truth for which you search. This holiday season, no matter our situations, we can have joy and peace through Yahweh. The answer to our praises, our cries, our hopes, and our fears is simply “I am.”

Matthew Carroll