The Magic Of Christmas

“United by Christ”

As Christmas draws near, we are reminded of the magical story of Jesus’ birth and the hope it brings. We recall the wise men and shepherds that came to visit the newborn King. We picture a child lying in a trough with animals and hay everywhere. This nativity scene is a beautiful picture of many different people being united through one person.

Wise men that came from a foreign land, lowly shepherds from fields nearby, Joseph and Mary from another town, angels singing and exclaiming the glory of God, and even the animals all witnessed this Savior born into the world. Each of these creatures arrived at the scene in a different way and was differently in awe of God.

This is a scene of unity, of God being glorified in heaven and on earth. And we know the rest of the story—that Jesus would die and be resurrected and then leave us with the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us and connect us with God.

This is the truly magical part of Christmas . . . that God wants us to be a part of his body and be united with him eternally. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul writes that there are different kinds of spiritual gifts, service, and work—but the same God.

Each of us receives something different, yet we are part of the same body, and we use those gifts for the same purpose. I encourage you to reflect on the spiritual gifts given to you by the Holy Spirit and how you can use them to serve God.

Think also about the people in your circles and how their spiritual gifts are different, yet they serve the same God. As we encourage one another and combine these gifts, we may find ourselves in a similar scene as that of the nativity—many different people from many different places united together with joy and praise and harmony to the glory of God our Father.

Brooke Rogers