The Magic Of Christmas

“What Inhibitions?”

This time of year is so much FUN! There is so much excitement and anticipation. Joy abounds all around. As I am out and about, I notice smiles on people’s faces, especially children. There is nothing like the joy of a child.

Have you ever noticed? They don’t hold it back. You can see it throughout their bodies. From their heads to their toes, their bodies are telling you how they feel!

“Rejoice” by definition means to be glad, to take delight in. Then I find words that are synonyms like joy, celebrate, and exult. I think perhaps children understand REJOICE better than I do! I don’t know the last time I let my inhibitions down and just REJOICED. Do you?

I see how David danced before the Lord and sang a new song. I read it as a commandment: “Rejoice in the Lord.”

So, my question is: What does that look like for me? For you? How can we take some time during this season to not let the busy “to-do” list take over and instead REJOICE from our heads to our toes, letting our whole bodies feel the rejoicing before the Lord?

My prayer for us is that we would let our inhibitions down and dance. At the very least, we would smile really big and laugh a lot. Let the rejoicing begin!

Amy Walker