The Magic Of Christmas

"Wisdom from the Wise Men"

My young boys have the well-known Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set that is ceremoniously brought out with our Christmas decorations each year. It’s an honor to do the initial arranging of this well-loved nativity in our home. It has the usual suspects: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds, cattle, sheep, and the light-up angel.

Then there are the wise men. While the wise men are commonplace in nativities like mine, many believe they were not actually at the scene of Jesus’ birth. Many questions surround the account, yet I still find myself encouraged and challenged by their story. The wise men were led to find and worship the newborn King. They were responding to a calling on their lives.

Am I connected to and abiding in Jesus so that I can hear a calling he has placed on my life? Will I respond?

The wise men were determined to worship the new King. They traveled from the East, perhaps as far away as Yemen or China, with an ultimate destination of Bethlehem. Long before planes, trains, and automobiles, their expedition of 1,000+ miles probably took two years. Nothing about the trip was convenient or easy, yet they persevered to worship this infant King.

Am I disciplined and determined in my daily walk with Jesus?

The wise men were overjoyed at the fulfilled promise of a Messiah and didn’t second-guess the arrival of a newborn (potentially toddler) king.

Does my joy stop when his plans for me look different than I imagined?

The wise men were intentional with their gifts fit for a king.

What gifts am I bringing to Jesus? Does he get my very best or my leftovers?

The wise men were bold. After receiving a warning in a dream about King Herod, they boldly disobeyed royal commands and, therefore, risked their lives. Herod later issued an edict to murder all babies two years old and younger. I’m certain a death order was placed on the heads of the wise men too.

How can I be bolder in my walk with the Lord? My life is not in danger when I am bold in my faith, so why am I timid?

Thank you, Lord, for the example the wise men left behind. Help me remember their faithful obedience when I see a nativity displayed during this magical season.

Heather Judd