Child of God



How does your relationship with God change when you are mentally stable compared to when you feel less stable? Consider listing behaviors you tend to engage in when you feel mentally stable. Then, list the behaviors that tend to become tempting when you’re less stable. Perhaps, when you’re most mentally stable, you eat a balanced diet, pray, exercise, and engage in community. When you become less stable due to grief, a heavy workload, or parenting responsibilities, you may find yourself drinking more caffeine, working longer hours, and eating fast food.

Each of us moves back and forth between a positive and negative space. When we feel less stable, we tend to want to move back to a positive space with a quick fix, such as adding caffeine so we can work a little later and sleep a little less. This is a short-term fix that sometimes creates long-term problems. Take a moment to consider your mental stability and your long and short-term solutions to building your home in a positive space.

God wants us to be stable. In 1 Corinthians 15:58, we are challenged to let nothing move us. Are you unmovable? Does it feel like an impossible task? How do we do this? We don’t. At least not on our own. We must be stabilized by God’s grace (2 Corinthians 12:9) and the fruit that emanates from our lives when we have been filled with Him (Galatians 5:23). It’s hard to believe, but we may find ourselves leaving behind springs of water when we pass through the desert (Psalm 84:6.) Imagine that. You’re in a low spot, tired and weary, walking through a desert season in life, but you look behind you and notice that every place you have stepped is becoming lush, filled with life. In front of you, you see dry places, but behind you, you see life. If you’re a parent or a mentor with someone following you, they get a completely different view. Imagine what it looks like from their perspective. They’re in a desert, too. It’s hot and tiresome, but they look up and see flowing waters. Your willingness to fight changes others’ perspectives. People see you running to your Father even when it’s tough, and those who follow you may be filled with life.

Extra Credit:
Look for ways your efforts toward building stability have created stability for someone else. Look for ways God has used you to bring springs of Christ’s living water to the desert.