Child of God



Reflect upon some times in life when you felt most content. Were you in nature? Watching a child sleep or play? Were you in a flow state doing something you’re passionate about, such as painting, writing, speaking, or playing a sport?

These are moments in roles when we likely served two roles at once. For me, feeding a baby has brought contentment. I prayed, sang to them, and thanked God for them. Integration.

When I’ve felt most content in life, God has been in the middle of one of the other responsibilities; perhaps this is a taste of what Eden was like. I remember riding in a van with my family, jamming to a Newsboys album, and reading a Francine Rivers’ book during childhood. My family taught me integration.

True contentment comes from God. Yet, in today’s world, struggling with contentment is common. We may become overwhelmed, which reminds us that we need to have better boundaries. Or we might find ourselves feeling unworthy, which reminds us that we’re comparing ourselves to others instead of abiding with the Father.

This is tough stuff. I write from a place of war. I am battling my mind, and I’m guessing you are, too, but we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16) and can continue to get better, growing in contentment, growing in faith, growing in love.

As you reflect upon moments when you have been most content in life, invite God to reveal Himself to you, showing you how to find contentment in Him.

Extra Credit:
Ask a friend or colleague to share a time when they felt most content. Look for themes!