Child of God

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The Vine

When we get out of balance, one problem may be that we have gotten disconnected from the vine. Are you familiar with the passage in Scripture that talks about Christ being the vine? John 15:5 says Christ is the vine, and we are the branches. Instead, have you broken apart from the vine, thinking you can visit the church or read Scripture once or twice a week and be okay? Imagine pulling a leaf off its tree, thinking, “It will live.” It may not change form when first separated from its life source, but it is no longer alive.

Culture may say it is normal to incorporate spiritual matters into our lives just a few times each week, but remember the Garden of Eden? God dwelt with Adam and Eve, and they were in community. There may be times when we feel hopeless, and if we take time to explore, we might notice we are not “abiding in Christ” or inviting Him into our difficult roles and situations.

We apply for graduate school, scour dating apps, and hustle to land the next gig, but we rest in Him if we abide in Christ. We reset. We remember our first role as a child of God. Our perspective is realigned, and we find our breath. The trouble is, we will walk away from this encounter, heading back into the chaos that pulls us into stressful, unsettling experiences.

When this feels wrong, it’s because it is. Remember? God made Eden, where He dwelt with Adam and Eve. They worked, played, and lived in community with God. At a deep level, we long for this, but we can continue to bring God into our homes and roles as boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, and neighbors. We can blast God-honoring music and have family dance parties. We can pray with our co-workers who can’t hold back the tears when they get terrible news. We can point out God’s beauty when we step outdoors. We can fall on our knees in the middle of an argument. Yep, it can be difficult, awkward, and new, but we do hard things.

Extra Credit:
Challenge yourself to use the note section on your phone to start a list of times you bring God into the many roles you serve. For example, if you pray with your kids, that’s bringing God into your role as a parent. It can be a humbling but exciting opportunity to grow.