Child of God



What are some of your titles? Some of mine are a friend, mom, neighbor, wife, daughter, sister, employee, fitness partner, and volunteer, to name a few. I get a little overwhelmed.

Did you notice I left off a pretty important title? I’m also a daughter of God. How much time do I focus on my role as God’s child? This question often bothers me. I frequently experience tension, feeling pulled in many different directions. In our time together, we will process some of this tension to sort out how to keep God in the #1 spot while juggling so many other responsibilities.

Take a moment to list your titles in the order of importance to you. Then, consider how much time you spend on each role.

Do you see the problem I see? My top title is as a daughter of God, yet I spend most of my time in the mom, wife, and employee roles. So, how do we manage this tension? Before I answer this question, can I share another struggle? Another problem I run into is the idea that I’d like to spend more time with the wind in my face. I want to take a girls’ trip with some of my friends, and I’d like to feel more fulfilled in ministry.

Since I believe God intended for us to hold titles such as children, parents, and employees, I don’t think the solution is to withdraw from all our roles. So what’s the solution? What if we bring God into those roles a bit more?

Reflect upon your top 3-5 roles. Let’s identify ways to bring God into each of these roles. As we integrate our faith into our lives, we live out the Biblical principle of having our “identity in Christ.” Our identity in Christ is so important that it impacts how we work, parent, and even behave at the gym or in our neighborhood.

Do you have any trouble bringing God into specific parts of your life? What about your negative spaces? You know, those places where you feel shame and dissonance? God wants to be in the middle of those spaces, too.

Imagine the strife children could avoid if they would bring their parents into the middle of some of their troubles? Do you think God ever feels the same way about us? We want God and others to see our shiny parts, and we prefer to hide, ignore, or spray-paint the “not-too-nice” parts.

During our time together, we will look at boundaries, contentment, stability, and boldness. As we explore each of these, invite God to show you what He sees in you. Ask God to show you how to bring Him into the middle of your conversations, responsibilities, and most exciting moments.

Extra Credit:
Brainstorm some ways to bring God into the middle of your thoughts and relationships, using Deuteronomy 6:6-9 as a guide.