Faith: Fig Tree VS Mountain


Wedding Garment: Armor of God and Faith

S) In Matthew 22: 11-14 starting in v.11, the king notices the person not in a wedding garment (which was likely provided to him upon entry). Then the king confronts him “Friend how did you come in here without a wedding garment? And he was speechless.” Then the king has him bound and sent out.

F) By not putting on the wedding garment this person was refusing the kings provision. In faith and faithfully, we need to visibly wear God’s provision. The Armor of God and faith are our wedding garments. Wear all the pieces of God and be faithful.

P) Pray that this message sinks in deep. Pray that you are not without your kingly provided wedding garments. Pray that you wear the garment of faith daily and that you are aware of it as you go through your activities.

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