Faith: Fig Tree VS Mountain


Size / Action

This past week you might have started measuring your faith to watch it grow. Instead of marks on the wall to see the growth, you will need to have marks of when in the past you would start to doubt and how much further you go now before you begin to doubt. You may have heard a sermon or read a social media post that says, “God is bigger than your problems.” While that is true, it does not mean we become bigger too.

It means we remain, except we let God handle it by getting out of the way and not trying to control the things of God. Have faith that you will start to know the difference. Now that we know to get out of the way, let’s move to following behind God. Putting your faith into action is less about what you do and don’t do and more about what you do and don’t do. Confusing isn’t it. With faith that surpasses all understanding you begin to know when to do and when not to do. While it will be different for each of us, what I can say for everyone is; do have faith in the things God has called you to and don’t have faith where He has not.

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